Purple Eagle


Purple in a partnership with various industry leaders and EAGLE a first-in-class Telematics technology platform developed on Open standards and best-of-breed technology. The system is able to support a wide variety of services for Governement authorities and private sector organizations.

Eagle is a solution suitable for any type of Telematics project including fleet management and tracking, geofencing, asset tracking, driver identification and driving behaviour monitoring, toll management and automotive internet gateways.

Eagle was designed keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Hardware and Software Flexibility
  • High availability and Scalability
  • Security
  • Maintainability and ease of installation
  • Communication cost optimization

The Eagle communicates location-specific data, as well as various other vehicle parameters back to the Telematics Gateway. End users can access this information via a web-based user application, which offers an array of mapping and reporting capabilities allowing you to effectively manage your business

The data collected by the Eagle devices, whether on the individual assets they are monitoring or in aggregate form over a subset or the entirely of the installed fleet, can be customizad to be shared with third party systems to build more value for your organization

Advanced remote software upgrade and PC-based diagnostics and configuration tools are just a few of the state-of-the-art features that make Eagle a great investment for your current and future needs.

The Eagle Solution is:

  • Flexible: New features can easily be added.
  • Reliable: Autonomic capabilities guarantee high availability.
  • Customization Capability
  • Scalable: Solution can scale from a small fleet to a large fleet, just by tweaking the backend infrastructure.
  • Cost effective: Total cost of ownership of the Eagle system is lower than any other Telamatics solution.
  • IBM platform and open standard operating environment.
  • Industry standard interfaces: Bluetooth, USB and CANBUS

Product Highlights:

  • Embedded GCC street level maps on the Eagle.
  • Award winning powerful Freescale MPC 5200 microprocessor.
  • Universal serial bus interface
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Controller area network interface
  • Sophisticated power management features
  • Device can be updated over the air, managed through the OSGI framework
  • Secure Public/Private key data encryption